Industrial engineering problems include, for example, a transfer of thermal energy in steady state and transient conditions. Other areas of analysis include structural stresses, induced either mechanically or by thermal expansion. inGenuyX has expertise in solving thermal analysis and structural mechanics problems.

With our experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) we are capable of analyzing complex, coupled problems for industrial solutions and study their effect on real world products and processes.

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Types of Physics


A combination of many different aspects comes into play in the design and analysis of aerospace and industrial systems. We can analyze structural and mechanical integrity, vibrations, acoustics, as well as temperature distributions. We also provide electromagnetic analysis for antenna design or for the evaluation of radar visibility of a vessel/aircraft. Please inquire for more information.

Our Experience

Simone has longstanding experience in the field of engineering modeling as part of her postdoctoral and staff scientist research position at Stanford University. She has been working in the field of MRI engineering since 2012 and has previously worked at McGill University on an early breast cancer detection system using microwave imaging. Prior to her postdoctoral work, she focused on RF and wireless engineering in the field of passive mm-wave imaging and mixer design for mm-wave designs. Her undergraduate and graduate work was in mechatronics, which combines the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. This multidisciplinary training makes Simone the ideal candidate to perform the modeling tasks for your multiphysics problems.

Selected biomedical projects Simone has worked on

Simone has worked on selected multiphysics simulations for the design of a microsatellite during her work with mechatronic located in Villach, Austria. This project was prepared in collaboration with the University of Trieste, Italy, and the Austrian Space Agency.

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