RF & Wireless

inGenuyX has longstanding experience in RF and wireless analysis. For example, we can provide full-wave electromagnetic analysis of antennas, microwave circuits, and other electromagnetic structures. In addition, we can analyze secondary effects, such as temperature rise in microwave structures or cooling requirements of your circuits.

We use a dedicated multiphysics platform to solve these problems. In addition, we provide simulation guided design optimization, which offers you the ideal parameters of your EM architecture that yields best performance with specifically defined constraints.



The electromagnetic simulator provides the key tool for this type of analysis. We can provide full-wave FEM-based or FDTD based analysis and circuit analysis. We provide simulation guided design optimization and use dedicated software to investigate on antenna radiation patterns and other key parameters.

Heat Transfer

A secondary simulation of interest is the cooling requirement in electronic circuits, in particular in power electronics for wireless transmission of different kinds. Our dedicated multiphysics platform can handle the coupling of these effects and can also investigate on secondary effects such as temperature dependent materials and substrates.

Our Experience

Simone has longstanding experience in the field of biomedical engineering modeling as part of her postdoctoral and staff scientist research position at Stanford University. She has been working in the field of MRI engineering since 2012 and has previously worked at McGill University on an early breast cancer detection system using microwave imaging. Prior to her postdoctoral work, she focused on RF and wireless engineering in the field of passive mm-wave imaging and mixer design for mm-wave designs. Her undergraduate and graduate work was in mechatronics, which combines the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. This multidisciplinary training makes Simone the ideal candidate to perform the modeling tasks for your multiphysics problems.

Selected RF/Wireless Projects Simone has worked on

See an overview of Simone’s work related to radio frequency, wireless, and antenna.

Passive mm-wave imaging and mixer/receiver design

The usefulness of passive millimeter-wave imaging lies in particular in the peculiarities of atmospheric attenuation phenomenologies allowing millimetre-waves to penetrate through a variety of low-visibility conditions such as haze, fog, clouds, smoke, and sandstorms and furthermore in the ability to propagate through clothing and a number of other materials. Present and future applications consist in both military and commercial infrastructure fields such as in surveillance, navigation, and automotive technology, security screening systems, and biomedical imaging. My work in this field focused on the development of novel types of receivers using self-oscillating mixing technology based on nonlinear subharmonic principles.

Selected publications

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Radar development

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