Artificial intelligence

InGenuyX provides AI consulting services, particularly in the use of deep learning.

In the past few decades, AI has influenced nearly all aspects of our lives. ML is a branch of AI aimed at training algorithms to perform various tasks such as making predictions, natural language processing (NLP), or recommending movies and products. The ML models leverage the computer’s ability to find hidden patterns in a large amount of data. The diversity and complexity of the problems solved by ML algorithms make it a promising tool to deal with challenges in the healthcare system.



inGenuyX provides biomedical engineering consulting services. Examples of biomedical problems we can analyze include, but are not limited to, the complex engineering environment in MRI scanners, where we can analyze not only the electromagnetic fields produced by all sets of coils but can also investigate on more secondary effects such as temperature changes in tissue and in the system.

We use advanced computational analysis and multiphysics simulation to answer your open biomedical engineering questions. Problems in the biomedical domain are almost always multiple physical phenomena that interact, such as vibrations, acoustics, and thermal interactions, as well as electromagnetic field interactions. Our multiphysics analysis can provide you with the tools that are needed to further your cost efficiency in your development process. We also offer broad practical experience in different biomedical areas to confirm the validity of these mathematical solutions.



Many industrial engineering problems include, for example, a transfer of thermal energy in steady state and transient conditions. Other areas of analysis include structural stresses, induced either mechanically or by thermal expansion. inGenuyX has expertise in solving thermal analysis and structural mechanics problems.

With our experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) we are capable of analyzing complex, coupled problems for industrial solutions and study their effect on real world products and processes.



inGenuyX offers simulation services for automotive engineering problems. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, the analysis of sound pressure levels inside a vehicle, the electromagnetic interference levels observed, and more.

We use multidisciplinary simulation software that can model phenomena involving heat transfer, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, thermal engineering, and acoustics, among others.


RF & Wireless

inGenuyX has longstanding experience in RF and wireless analysis. For example, we can provide full-wave electromagnetic analysis of antennas, microwave circuits, and other electromagnetic structures. In addition, we can analyze secondary effects, such as temperature rise in microwave structures or cooling requirements of your circuits.

We use a dedicated multiphysics platform to solve these problems. In addition, we provide simulation guided design optimization, which offers you the ideal parameters of your EM architecture that yields best performance with specifically defined constraints.